11 Oct 2017
U11A Boys Basketball Match Report

SHB Storm U11-A Boys Basketball v Harrow Lions (H)

Storm: 45-Theo (small forward), 41-Cian (Centre), 10-Nupp (shooting forward), 97-Ollie (Point Guard), 72-Sky (small forward), 129-Fame (shooting guard), 84-Matthew (Centre), 36-Poom (power forward), 64-JJ (small forward), 43-Pip (small forward)

Tuesday 10 October 2017 – The Storm entertained the Lions on a big afternoon of basketball today, with both the U11 first and second teams having the opportunity to take to the court for another hoops friendly match. This was the first game for the boys after the BPS Invitational on Friday. The Storm started off brightly with Theo scoring from just inside the key, and as the Lions leveled Theo got another two points for a 4-2 lead. However, the Lions grew from strength to strength and by the end of the first half they were in a healthy 14-4 lead.

In the third quarter Theo got his sixth basket, then made two assists to Ollie Radcliffe to help him to 4 points; the Storm however were not so good on the fast break and a lot of long passes were a bit weak so got intercepted by the Lions’ small forwards. Fortunately we only trailed by 7 at the break with a much improved defense compared to the first half.

The fourth quarter is always the decisive 8 minutes of the match. Ollie scored another two points in response to a Lion’s basket, keeping things tight at 12-19. Despite the perseverance from the players in trying to get back, the Lions’ offense had been developing continuously and it was the high shooting accuracy which saw them break away to 28-12 with only 2:40 remaining. Still not giving up, Theo Decorte dropped six points and was encouraged by his friends from the bench to attempt “three-pointers” from downtown. Fame got 2 points with less than 10 seconds to go and the Lions had just enough time for another basket before the game ended, which meant the final score was a 20-34 defeat to the Storm.

Theo was top-scorer with 12 points. Ollie netted 6 and Fame had 2 points. The Storm U13 Boys play Harrow at home on Thursday afternoon, whilst U15 Boys visit the Lions.