Match Report
Shrewsbury International School, Riverside Boys-U15A vs  Tennis Singles @ BPS by STA
On: Saturday, 03 Oct 2020
Venue: Away

The U15 boys had some of the best results we have had for singles at SHB in the past couple of years. The highlight was Third coming third in the B Draw with impressive wins over students from some of the stronger tennis schools including BPS, ISB and HIS.
Mark had an excellent first round win and was unlucky not to make it into the third round and Pop Pap also had a win in the consolation event.
Results were:
First round
Andrei lost Kan (HIS) 0-4, 0-4
Andrei lost Felipe (BPS) 1-4, 2-4

1st Round
Mark vs Tyme (NIST) Win 4-1,4-0
Pop Pap vs Pete (BPS) Lost 2-4, 1-4
Third vs Senna (BPS) Win 5-3, 4-1
Plawan vs Stefan (BPS) 0-4, 0-4

Plawan vs Ocean (NIST) Lost 4-5 (3-7) 1-4
Pop Pap vs Keita (NIST) Win 4-1, 5-3

2nd Round
Third vs Birdie (ISB) Win 4-1, 5-4 (7-1)
Mark vs Taka (ISB) Lost 1-4, 4-0 (5-10)

3rd Round
Third vs Marc (HIS) 5-4 (7-3) 5-3

4th Round
Third vs Pete Lost 1-4, 4-0 (7-10)

Semi Final Consolation
Third vs Teema (BPS) Win 4-1, 5-4 (7-3)