Match Report
Shrewsbury International School, Riverside Varsity Boys Football vs  Bangkok Patana School
On: Friday, 25 Sep 2020
Venue: Away

Starting out in the seemingly impenetrable 1-3-2-1 formation the plan was to stay compact, absorb some pressure and then counter releasing either full-back (Sage or Euro) or one of our two central pivots (Pind and Game) beyond Earth our lone striker. Unfortunately, plan A was thrown out the window when a speculative shot found its way through Saxon's legs after 90 seconds. To make matters worse Sage went off with an ankle injury after 3 minutes. In possession, Shrewsbury were poor. A flat back 3 with the FB's unwilling to venture higher and wider meant that most of our passes were played through central areas. Ball speed was slow, and it was too easy for Patana to keep their shape. Earth was isolated by two strong CB's and they would wait for an ambitious pass into that congested area before stealing it and countering usually with a cross-field diagonal from left to right. Out of possession, Shrewsbury continued to sit deep and if anything too deep. Failure to put pressure on the ball allowed the Patana players to reign shots on Saxon's goal with a deflected shot making it 2-0 and a nice cross-field pass and cut back made it 3-0. A change in formation to a 1-2-3-1 made it a more even contest. With two natural wingers, we began to stretch Patana a little more and offer a threat going forward. Pan Pan was excellent in a back 2. Stepping in with the ball when space opened up, he passed forward, and defended on the front foot. Shrewsbury mustered a few shots on target to finally trouble the Patana GK. Naturally, Shrewsbury opened up in search of a way back into the game and Patana's quality shone through, picking us apart to add a couple more goals and a final 5-0 scoreline.

WWW: 1-2-3-1 formation looked more threatening, offering more width, making the pitch big and allowing us to get some meaningful possession
EBI: Sluggish in possession in 1st half, ball speed was slow, lack of width made play predictable through central areas. The boys looked unfit, lacking in match sharpness. Sitting too deep and failing to put pressure on the ball in and around the box.